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Application Areas

APEX INDUSTRIES PVC strip curtains are widely used in Warehouses, Loading docks, Machine Shops, Supermarkets, Department stores, Industrial Plants, Construction sites, Refrigerated Trailers, Walk-in Coolers / Freezers, Restaurants, Retail outlets, Manufacturing Industries, Cold Storages, Hotels, Food and Beverage Processing Industries, Automobile Industries, Meat Processing Industries, Commercial Shopping Malls, Hospitals and Healthcare, Biological Labs, Chemical Industries, Pharmaceutical Industries, Bio-Technology Lab, Research and Development Centers , Water Plants, Backery, Milk Dairies, Air Conditioned Halls, Ice Factory, Ice Cream Manufacturing Plant, Flour Mills, Fragrance Manufacturing Plant, Warehousing, Electronic Industries, Food Processing Plants, Airport baggage conveyors, private sectors at security checkpoints or inspection areas, Welding Booths, Restaurant back doors, Industrial applications susceptible to insects and birds, Industrial Plants involving manufacture of Electrical and Electronics components, Computer Hardware Assembly Areas, Public Transit Agencies, Military Installations, Airports,...More

about us

APEX INDUSTRIES is a market leader established in 1995 and is the leading manufacturer, exporter, supplier and dealer of high quality PVC Strip curtains. Our PVC Strip curtains have given us a solid brand reputation for our well known innovating design, high quality, reliability, durability, excellent service and backup support.

We are also the manufacturer, exporter, supplier and dealers of Hand Dryer, Air Curtain, Fly killer, Soap Dispenser, Shoe Shining Machine, Auto urinal flusher, Automatic Aerosol Dispenser, Air Freshener, Paper Towel Dispenser, Urinal Sanitizer, Sanitary Bin (Feminine Hygiene Bin), Sensor Faucets, Toilet Seat Cleaner Dispenser, Toilet Seat Cleaner.