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What Is PVC Strip Curtain?

PVC Strip Curtains are appropriate solution for the separation of small and large spaces, in addition to this, these provide ideal visibility. Our range of immaculate quality PVC strip curtains offers isolation for noisy machinery and other equipment work station and loading from other areas. As it restricts the movement of air pollutants, it keeps the area free from pollution. Our brilliantly designed strip doors are perfect for industries or areas where uninterrupted segregation is required. These reduce heat and cold air loss by opening area wide enough to let a person or vehicle through and closing it automatically.

What are the benefits of Using PVC Strip Curtains?

Where PVC Strip Curtain can be used?

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I appreciate that your work is very systematic & perfect even the employees who gives pre and post sales services are quite well known about the product technical details and applications. This gives the best "Customer Satisfaction" which I required. Thanks. Raji. Chennai, India